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Arshad Merchant, Founder and Managing Director

Arshad Merchant recently founded Boost Social Sector Consulting to help nonprofit and other socially-minded ventures address critical challenges and pursue greater good. Prior to Boost, Arshad spent 11+ years at Wellspring Consulting, including 6+ years as a Partner.

Drawing on almost 20 years in consulting, Arshad brings substantial experience in strategy, strategic planning, competitive analysis, survey design and analysis, organizational assessment, operational improvement, and implementation planning.  He has worked with clients in arts & culture, civil rights & advocacy, community improvement, education, environment, human services, international development, philanthropy, religion & spirituality, and youth development. Examples of specific projects include the following:

  • For a major university, developed a strategy for the university’s work-study program, which is core to their identity and brand

  • For a leading College Access and Success program, developed a comprehensive strategic plan and growth strategy

  • For a leading civil rights and support organization, developed a national strategic plan including their national advocacy work in Washington, D.C.

  • For a large multi-service community center serving the LGBT community in New York City, developed plans for how the organization would achieve its broader strategic objectives through programmatic and policy work

  • For a major Boston theatre company, developed a comprehensive strategic plan to improve attendance and customer retention

Prior to Boost and Wellspring, Arshad worked for over four years at The Boston Consulting Group in the Washington D.C. office, as well as in Dallas, where he managed a variety of projects focusing on strategy, customer service, and organizational effectiveness.  There he received training and experience in developing excellent, implementable plans that were highly received by senior-level, discriminating clients.  Arshad also worked for several years at Tetra Pak, Inc. a leading international corporation delivering high quality packaging for food distribution. There, Arshad directed internal consulting projects to enhance business processes, increase efficiency and service levels, and improve the company’s ability to meet customers’ needs.

Arshad has a strong and abiding dedication to social issues which is reflected in his passion for working in the social sector.  He has volunteered for many years with the His Highness Prince Aga Khan Council for the USA (“the Council”) and its affiliated institutions. For 10 years, Arshad served on the National Grants and Review Board. As the Member responsible for Management Auditing, he oversaw a talented group of professional volunteers carrying out quality review and improvement projects for the Council at the local and national level. Subsequently, Arshad was appointed as the Chairman of this Board and was responsible for all of the community’s budgeting and auditing activities in the U.S. Previously, Arshad served as the Honorary Secretary of the Council’s National Social Welfare Board for 3 years, overseeing human services programs involving 300 volunteers across the United States.  In the past, Arshad also served as the Council’s Director for Social Safety Net, a program offering a help-line in multiple languages to provide culturally appropriate crisis support. Arshad continues to remain active undertaking targeted projects to help advance the Institutions' mandates for the betterment of the community and the societies in which they live, both in the U.S. and internationally.

Arshad received his MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration in 1997 where he received the Faculty Award for Academic Excellence.  He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with dual Bachelors degrees in finance from The Wharton School and in computer science and engineering, completing the five-year curriculum and meeting full certification requirements in only four years. 

Additionally, in 2015 Arshad became licensed to offer consulting services for the Standards for Excellence® program by completing an exclusive professional development initiative that gives independent consultants the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to work with nonprofit organizations across the country interested in learning about and implementing the Standards for Excellence code.

Arshad lives in Bethesda, Maryland, with his wife and three boys, and enjoys cooking - with an interest and consummate skill in preparing various ethnic dishes.

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Lindsey Tyler, Senior Associate

Lindsey is a Senior Associate at Boost and brings experience in client service and delivery, expertise in planning and logistics, and an unwavering passion for the greater good.

Prior to Boost, Lindsey worked at Ernst & Young, a multinational professional services firm, as an IT Risk Advisor for almost 5 years, serving over a dozen clients total across a variety of industries. She focused on building strong client relationships while conducting client process interviews and recommending best practices.

While at Ernst & Young, Lindsey also held leadership positions in Corporate Responsibility and Diversity and Inclusiveness. Lindsey was the Supplies and Budget Chair for the Greater Washington DC Annual Day of Service Event. She fostered relationships with over 30 nonprofits (dedicated to education, entrepreneurs, and equality in the workforce) and coordinated with other committee members, team captains, and volunteers from the firm. Her responsibilities included researching nonprofits to sponsor, creating proposal presentations, and building and allocation of the budget.

Lindsey was also the Volunteerism Chair for the Black Professionals Network at Ernst & Young, serving low-income, disadvantaged families in the community through monthly service events. Her responsibilities included creating key project communications including agendas, event invitations, and newsletter publications as well as organizing associated fundraising events. She received a Committee of the Year Award for her efforts.

Lindsey holds a BS in Commerce with a concentration in Accounting and Information Technology as well as an MS in Accounting, both from the University of Virginia. She currently lives in Arlington, VA and enjoys traveling the world and experiencing other cultures (29 countries and counting), exercise science, and reading.

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Zia Hassan, Artist Collaborator

Zia is an independent collaborator partnering with Boost on select assignments.

Zia has been creating and performing in the DC area for nearly 20 years. He is most commonly known for his video, 9 Year Old Discusses the Meaning of Life, in which he interviews a wildly philosophical young boy in his backyard. The video was featured on NPR by Radiolab’s Robert Krulwich, the popular podcast To The Best of Our Knowledge, and by comedian Sarah Silverman on YouTube.

Among his achievements, Zia has performed extensively as a singer-songwriter in the DC area, opening for national touring artists at acclaimed venues such as The Hamilton, Jammin Java, and the Black Cat. His work includes: Collision (2010), a collaborative show and album which brought together 25 DC artists to perform at the Bethesda Theater; Lines (2012), showcasing the recorded sounds of the DC Metro encased in reverb drenched guitar; and The Flop, The Turn, The River (2010), incorporating impromptu family interviews with piano and processed noises. 

Zia has additionally published multiple collections of poetry and paintings, including: Closer to the Surface (2014), showcasing four-line poems with contrasting fingerpaintings and School Poems (2016), incorporating artwork with paintings about education reform and testing culture.  Zia is also a practicing magician. In 2011, he proposed to his girlfriend (now wife) by doing a card trick routine that ended with a floating ring. The video demonstration on YouTube went viral, with world-famous magician Jay Sankey praising it on Twitter.

Zia also spent 4 years as an elementary school teacher in Washington, DC teaching grades three to five at both public and public charter schools. He holds a Masters of the Arts in Teaching, and specializes in teaching students how to analyze and write about complex text. In 2014, he invented a creative lesson planning tool called the MI Deck which draws upon learning theory from Howard Gardner as well as the artistic instincts of Brian Eno. He is currently an education consultant, writing inquiry-based science curriculum and providing trainings on various educational technology for teachers in DC. 

Previously, Zia spent 6 years as a business consultant with IBM, working in a public sector client-facing environment. Zia specialized in SAP, with a focus on procurement. Zia was recognized by the client for coming up with creative solutions to problems using spreadsheet macros and video training on system procedures.