At Boost, we use a customized approach to design the right project for you based on your time and resource considerations.  We achieve client objectives through a range of engagements:

  • Research-based extended planning.  These long-term projects include components such as field mapping, market research (focus groups/surveys/market sizing), funder and expert interviews, analogous and organization research
  • Facilitation-based planning.  These short-term projects support organizational planning and often result in strategy blueprints or strategic visions, along with near-term action planning
  • Coaching.  During these engagements, we serve as a sounding board and advise social sector leaders, either individually or in groups, on key challenges and opportunities they face across strategic planning, program and operational improvement, and organizational development
  • Staff retreats.  We structure and facilitate retreats that provide organizational staff and Board members with the opportunity to consider their mission, their goals, and their future
  • Leadership team effectiveness improvement. Our work includes clarifying roles and responsibilities, designing a meeting program, and supporting its launch
  • Standards-based audits and path to excellence. Boost founder Arshad Merchant is proudly licensed by the Standards for Excellence to assist nonprofit organizations implement the Standard for Excellence: An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector, the centerpiece of the Standards for Excellence® program. The standards evaluate principles of honesty, integrity, fairness, respect, trust, responsibility, and accountability in nonprofit program operations, governance, human resources, financial management, and fundraising

Every engagement is right-sized so as to provide just the right amount of consulting resources to the project, helping ensure effective results for social sector leaders without waste. Research and deliberations are carefully designed; the resulting data is mined for interesting and useful insight; and that insight is translated into practical advice and immediately usable action.  All engagements begin with a list of key questions and end with a plan for going forward, both of which we develop collaboratively with our clients.